Ivan Tampi has been involved in the aftermarket auto industry for more than 16 years. His designs have won many Best of Show Awards in numerous Car Show Events.

Ivan Tampi is known for his infamous body kit design called “Black Widow” series, predominantly for the Japanese made cars, Honda and Toyota. The Black Widow body kit has been distributed to consumers from all over the world ranging from USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, France and Belgium.

He later decided to maneuver his talents to the American car industry and created the Black Widow Ford Mustang body kit. Impress by Ivan’s creativity, Ford gave him 2 project cars, the Ford Focus and Ford F-150 to come up with a body kit design to help promote their latest model vehicles. His design won Ford Choice Awards at the SEMA convention.


Ivan Tampi Customs(ITC) is Ivan’s newest venture. His latest line of design, called “XIK” WideBody kit (pronounced “sick”) will definitely make everyone’s head turn. ITC is focused on designing and manufacturing aftermarket product lines for the elite range of cars such as Mustang, Corvettes, Charger, BMW, Mercedes, SUV and other Exotic Cars.

“Ivan Tampi of Sylmar, California, is one who can surely relate to Emeril. Although not known for a good steak or a fine desert, Tampi does know how to take automobiles to the next level. As the owner of Ground Designs 2000, a body-enhancing firm specializing in–omigod!–import cars, Tampi takes it up a notch every day.”

Jim Campisano

Editor, Muscle Mustang Magazine

“As the owner and chief designer at Ground Designs 2000, Ivan Tampi has single-handedly changed the look of import cars. That’s quite a bit of hyperbole, but in this case it happens to be true. His staggeringly popular Black Widow body kit altered the way we think about cars, period. The Black Widow Special Edition, as seen on the CRX, updates that look while retaining the trademark style of the original. Tampi continues to make advancements in body kits, as evidenced by his recent forays into the domestic market.”

Ben Oh

Editor, Car Audio Magazine

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